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Live In Seattle 12

Lanegan - Seattle 09 - Little Bit Of 2.804.01.20 04:46:42Mark Lanegan9 - Little Bit of RainLive in Seattle 12/12/20030:02:59128S44
Lanegan - Seattle 24 - Number Nine.m 3.404.01.20 05:34:48Mark Lanegan24 - Number NineLive in Seattle 12/12/20030:03:35128S44
Lanegan - Seattle 25 - I'm 18.mp3 1.504.01.20 05:35:26Mark Lanegan25 - I'm 18Live in Seattle 12/12/20030:01:37128S44
Lanegan - Seattle 22 - Carry 2.604.01.20 05:32:28Mark Lanegan22 - Carry HomeLive in Seattle 12/12/2003
Lanegan - Seattle 05 - One Way Stree 3.704.01.20 05:23:34Mark Lanegan5 - One Way StreetLive in Seattle 12/12/20030:03:54128S44
Lanegan - Seattle 10 - No Easy Actio 3.904.01.21 07:03:02Mark Lanegan10 - No Easy ActionLive in Seattle 12/12/20030:04:08128S44
Lanegan - Seattle 13 - Death Don't H 05:26:38Mark Lanegan13 - Death Don't Have No MercyLive in Seattle 12/12/20030:04:15128S44
Lanegan - Seattle 07 - Don't Forget 2.804.01.20 05:24:28Mark Lanegan7 - Don't Forget MeLive in Seattle 12/12/20030:03:00128S44
Lanegan - Seattle 20 - She Done Too 05:29:42Mark Lanegan20 - She Done Too Much - RiverLive in Seattle 12/12/20030:03:16128S44
Lanegan - Seattle 06 - Sleep With Me 3.404.01.20 05:24:16Mark Lanegan6 -Sleep With MeLive in Seattle 12/12/20030:03:38128S44
Lanegan - Seattle 23 - Dollar Bill.m 3.604.01.20 05:33:22Mark Lanegan23 - Dollar BillLive in Seattle 12/12/20030:03:50128S44
Lanegan - Seattle 03 - Yelling.mp3 05:20:14Mark Lanegan3 - YellingLive in Seattle 12/12/20030:01:16128S44
Lanegan - Seattle 21 - Introductions 3.304.01.20 05:30:52Mark Lanegan21 - IntroductionsLive in Seattle 12/12/2003
Lanegan - Seattle 04 - Message To Mi 05:21:40Mark Lanegan4 - Message to MineLive in Seattle 12/12/20030:03:23128S44
Lanegan - Seattle 11 - Miracle.mp3 1.904.01.20 05:25:28Mark Lanegan11 - MiracleLive in Seattle 12/12/2003
Lanegan - Seattle 15 - Because Of Th 8.504.01.21 07:11:02Mark Lanegan15 - Because of This/HotelLive in Seattle 12/12/2003
Lanegan - Seattle 02 - Borracho.mp3 5.304.01.20 04:24:32Mark Lanegan2 - BorrachoLive in Seattle 12/12/20030:05:36128S44
Lanegan - Seattle 01 - Pendulum.mp3 05:12:16Mark Lanegan1 - PendulumLive in Seattle 12/12/20030:02:14128S44
Lanegan - Seattle 12 - Creeping Coas 3.404.01.20 05:26:02Mark Lanegan12 - Creeping Coastline of LigLive in Seattle 12/12/20030:03:35128S44
Lanegan - Seattle 16 - I'll Take Car 2.704.01.20 05:27:04Mark Lanegan16 - I'll Take Care of YouLive in Seattle 12/12/20030:02:54128S44
Lanegan - Seattle 14 - On Jesus Prog 2.504.01.20 05:26:52Mark Lanegan14 - On Jesus ProgramLive in Seattle 12/12/2003
Lanegan - Seattle 08 - Wedding Dress 4.404.01.20 05:24:54Mark Lanegan8 - Wedding DressLive in Seattle 12/12/20030:04:38128S44
Lanegan - Seattle 18 - Methamphetami 3.304.01.20 05:28:12Mark Lanegan18 - Methamphetamine BluesLive in Seattle 12/12/20030:03:31128S44
Lanegan - Seattle 19 - Mockingbirds. 05:29:16Mark Lanegan19 - MockingbirdsLive in Seattle 12/12/20030:02:12128S44
Lanegan - Seattle 17 - Skeletal Hist 07:11:34Mark Lanegan17 - Skeletal HistoryLive in Seattle 12/12/2003

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